Build Your Chemical Engineering Library

Textbooks are the lifeblood of any engineer, and sourcing the best, most informative and explanatory books can save a huge amount of time searching for data, and improve your ability to problem solve and develop new ideas. Listed below are some books which you should consider having in your own professional library:

Source: Seatle Municiple Library

  1. Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, D. Green, R. Perry
  2. Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, R. Felder, R. Rousseau
  3. Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, W. McCabe
  4. Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering, S. Fogler
  5. Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, S. Hall
  6. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, J. Smith

On top of this I have found one of the most useful sets of documents to have is journals and presentations from industrial conferences. Rather than purely theory, these often contain practical case studies and real world solutions which can be applied in your own work place. Conferences also occur every few years, so the longer they have been ongoing the more information is available. They also contain the latest technology and best practices. Some examples of these include:

  • Alumina Quality Workshop Conference
  • International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation
  • Pulp and Paper Industry Conference

There are literally dozens of conferences and documentation for all industries and disciplines.

If you have any other favourite books then please submit them below.

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